Sunday, January 1, 2012

Relax, the turkey didn't actually kill anyone....

If you were to spend this Christmas season with us (and I'd invite you all to, if I could) you may have overheard...

"If we can't open presents before Church, can we at least eat all the candy in our stockings?" ~Drama

"Is a turkey even supposed to look like that?  Maybe it's upside down.... what kind of grown woman doesn't know what a turkey is supposed to look like?!" ~Me

"And that's it.  Short and sweet, just the way I like it"  ~DH (when ending the Christmas Morning sermon he gave at our Church Service

"We're not wishing adult Jesus happy birthday.  We're wishing Baby Jesus happy birthday.  Cause he was a baby when he was born!" ~my dear friend explaining why Jesus Birthday Cake said 'Happy Birthday Baby Jesus').

"You're not allowed to cry (Monster), Christmas is about JESUS" ~Drama

"But.... I don't have a 3DS......" ~Freckles (after opening the game for the 3DS before the actual 3DS his uncle gave him).

"DoyouthinkIwillpoisoneveryonebecauseIthawedtheturkeyincoldwaterinsteadofthefridge?WhatwasIthinking,whatifIdid'tcookitrightandeveryonegetssickandIruinChristmas?  WhatifIgivethepregnantgirlfoodpoisoning?WhydidIthinkIknewhowtomakeChristmasdinner?" ~Me at 3am Christmas Morning to DH who was unfortunate enough to wake up during my panic attack.

 "How did you get it on the COUNTER?" ~DH, when coming across Monster's unfortunate incident in my in laws bathroom.

"It's ok, I gonna clean it all up" ~Monster, when the unfortunate bathroom incident was discovered.

"It's a Christmas Shoe Miracle!" ~ Me, when opening my wonderful friend's gift Christmas Eve.

"I'm....(sniff)......just......(sob)......soo.......(tear)....tired.....(cry)...." ~Drama (when asked why she was crying while she was already in bed after celebrating East Coast New Years at 10 p.m.)

"Wow, this game must be pretty new if there is already a Big Bang Theory reference!"  ~Me (while playing Apples vs Apples, forgetting entirely that there is an actual, you know, Big Bang theory that is not related to the television show...)

"My lack of stretchy pants is the reason there were still ribs left over after dinner." ~My Sis-in-Law

"I know it's hard to recognize me, what with my epic beard". ~DH to our friends we saw while on Christmas vacation with family.

"No, we're actually NOT sure where we are posted too.  You see........" ~Us.  All the time.  To everyone.  Every day.


And what was it all about?  Well, DH gave the (short, as I mentioned earlier) message on Christmas Day at our Church.  He summed it up pretty nicely.

That Jesus came to us, while we were still enemies with God, and gave himself for us that we might be called God's friends.

He came to die for His enemies, that we might become His friend.

Love, my friends.  It is about Love.

And let me tell you.  I am blessed with so very much of it around me.

Hoping you all had a Merry Christmas and are looking ahead to an amazing 2012!

It's time for this family to get their bloated bellies on the road back home.


  1. Haha! I love all the quotes! I'm glad that you all had a great Christmas and New Years! It sounds like it was lots of fun! And I'm glad that the turkey didn't kill anyone... :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. So funny. I'm glad you didn't poison your loved ones in honour of the holiday season.

  3. Omygoodness Kim!!! I laughed so hard at some of the Christmas comments. LOL. And you didn't give the pregnant lady food poisoning, so here's to 2012. A brand new year that promises to be just as eventful, full of memories, and sprinkled with various blessings. :-) I'm honored to call you a friend.

  4. Great blog, Kim! We love you all so much.

  5. SO funny! I laughed out loud multiple times. My husband then gave me a funny look and I had to tell him. He smirked, which is a compliment, because he doesn't laugh out loud much.

  6. This made me laugh so much!! Thanks.

  7. I'm glad too! Happy New Year!

  8. Me too. I would have had to request that posting much earlier so as I could leave town in shame.....:P

  9. Ha! Well, I'm honoured to have made him smirk!

  10. Thanks! Happy New Year!

  11. this is SO good. I laughed really really hard :)

  12. Sounds like an amazing Christmas for your family. I think I am sorry I missed most of it! :) Hope that 2012 will bring you blessings galore. Thanks for being part of Comment Day!

  13. Of course, and thanks for stopping by!



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