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I have many people ask me what Dh means.  I use it a lot.  It serves several purposes for me – it’s habit, it’s short, it stops me from using his name when I am not comfortable, and well, honestly I forget I even do it.

Years ago when I was a new military spouse, there was a term DW that referred, not always in a good way, to the Devoted Wife at home, the one who they didn’t have to worry about who was like another piece of kit given to the soldiers when they enlisted to watch the kids and the house when they’re away.  It was a throwback to the saying ‘If the Army wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one‘.  So many of the wives I knew started using the term DH to describe their husbands.  I believe then it means Devoted Husband.  Though I have been emailed guesses anywhere from Darling Husband to D*mn husband.  And really, I suppose then it depends on the day.

I could give you some ridiculous list of career accomplishments.  He’d cringe.  You can, if you want, read more here.

Dh is an Armoured Reconnaissance Soldier in the Canadian Armoured Corp.  I hear he is pretty good at that, but I don’t actually see him do it much so I have to take their word for it.

I do know he is the kind of father who will play charades past bedtime, the kind of husband who opens my car door for me even 16 years later, the kind of Believer who can hold on to his faith even when it’s tried.  A man who makes a fabulous fried egg sandwich and enjoys working out until he feels like puking.  Which is weird.  But you know, I don’t judge (much) as long as he doesn’t try to get me to do it.


People ask me a lot what he thinks of my writing.  And my best answer is that he would have been completely happy going his entire life quietly doing his job without anyone noticing.  But the irony of that life is he is married to a storyteller and he’s stuck with this.  So instead he quietly does his job and *I* notice.  And sometimes, when he let’s it be told, the story is there.

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That’s Dh.

I know, I think he’s pretty great too.


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