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Questions, comments, or angry letters I will probably republish for my own amusement can be emailed to, or connect with me via facebook or twitter.

Just be advised that I am one PM’d genitals photo away from creating a website gallery.
You have been warned.


  1. Good Morning,

    My niece passed your page on and I have found it a fascinating exploration into a world that I supported as a military supervisor but as a dual military DINK never really understood.

    Please continue your great task and know that I have enjoyed every word of your hard work.

    Yours Sincerely
    David Yalden-Thomson ex-Weapons Engineering Chief
    Now double dipping Public Servant

    PS. your facebook link on your contact page is broken, it still points to “reccewifeblog” vice “sheisfiercecanada”


  2. Part two,

    Good Morning again….

    Sigh…. using my work email was probably not the best idea since your auto-confirmation email was stripped of all links so it cannot be confirmed…

    so I will try again..

    Have a great day



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