One of my friends is a freak. Actually, most of them are, but one in particular more than others. Yes, she runs marathons and Death Races and is the motivation […]

Sooo, this post is not about marriage.  My marriage or anyone else’s really. It is about promises.  And a song I really like. I really like this song. It’s not […]

There is a lot of Blogging Pressure lately!  Okay, maybe only pressure from one of the 5 people who actually read my Blog, but it catches up, you know! So […]

There are many things Drama had going for her before she was even conceived.  She, for starters, is the only child that my dh and I actually made a conscious […]

So attending my first prenatal classes ever, after having 3 kids, has made me think a lot about my pregnancies.  Especially the first one.  Not many people knew me during […]