The Way Home Series

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You can find more info about the Way Home Series at my author page, Kim Mills Writes as well as the facebook page

It’s no secret that I read. A lot. Mostly romance novels, which, to be fair, is because I like to use my down town to turn my brain off and since TV doesn’t really interest me, book are usually my entertainment.

A while back, knee deep in all the offerings that are out there in the Military Romance genre, I found myself curious as to why there was little to nothing to be found that was Canadian. Even Canadian authors seemed to stick mostly to American characters. As well, I found that in romance, soldiers almost always wait until they are done with the military before they settle down, the general idea being that romance during a military career is impossible. While I love a good over-the-top Navy SEAL or Black Ops story as much as the next girl, I started craving something that I could relate more closely to.

Fast forward a bit and I was supposed to be writing the anthology of this blog. The She Is Fierce book. I had an outline, I had some interest, it made sense to start putting the book together.

So I sat down at my computer one day and I started writing.
Except what came out wasn’t our story, it was Tavish and Juliette’s story.

Even more surprising was that when I finished writing I realized that their story was only the first in my head.

And that’s the beginning of the Way Home Series.

It starts in Alberta in 1999, when a teenaged Tavish meets Juliette. Then he leaves to join the Infantry, 9/11 happens and everyone’s world changes.

I wrote this book because I wanted to read a story about average Canadian combat soldiers and the people who loved them during the war in Afghanistan.
I’m hoping that maybe there’s a few others out there who were looking for stories like that, too.

(While the Way Home Series is not erotica, it is intended for adult readers. All The Way Home contains basic descriptions of combat situations as well as reintegration issues (not specifically PTSD). While every intention was made to discuss these topics both realistically and with compassion, for those struggling with combat related PTSD they may find some parts triggering.)

The Way Home Series

Book 1: All The Way Home

Tavish and Juliette

Juliette has been walking through life broken and hurting for years, always relying on her friend Tavish to be there for her when she needs him. Tavish would do anything for her, that is, until he enlists in the infantry and leaves town, and possibly Juliette, for good.

Soon the events of 9/11 change everything, and an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan prompts him to reconnect with Juliette 5 years later. Despite the time apart she soon finds herself leaning on him again as their reunion leads to something much more. That’s when tragedy strikes during his deployment and Tavish comes home shattered. Is Juliette strong enough to offer him the support he has always given her? Will it be enough for both of them to find their way home?

“I think that I went through every single emotion possible through this story.” Kayla Miller

As I finished the ending, I was left wanting more…” Brittany McNeill

All The Way Home will be released on January 12th, 2016

Pre-Order All The Way Home for Kindle or for the Kobo.
Check back for paperback copies, available soon via Amazon.



Book 2: Carry Me Home

Matt and Sarah

Coming Spring, 2017


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