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Most of the time I write words, but sometimes I actually say them.  Occasionally when this happens, I am in front of real people.  Surprisingly, it usually turns out pretty well.

In fact, speaking in front of groups is actually something I enjoy doing.  I have learned that admitting that I like public speaking is right up there with admitting you like to wake up colicky babies.  But there it is.  In fact, I think I get invited to speak not because my stories or my words are any more special than anyone else’s, but for the simple fact that most people would throw up at the idea of speaking to a crowd.  This very rarely happens to me.

I have spoken to small groups as well as larger gatherings, women’s retreats and military charity fundraisers on a variety of topics generally pertaining to military family life and culture.  I recently spoke at the Military Family Services Conference on Resiliency.
I’m still amazed anyone asks for me to come and speak to their people, but I always love the opportunity.

If you are interested in having me speak at your community group, fundraiser, MFRC, church or living room, give me a shout, I’d love to work with you!

Speaking invitations, requests for references and general inquiries can be sent to




“Kim was absolutely amazing at the Invisible Ribbon Gala last night. 
 250+ high ranking military officials and local business 
community members and she had them all on their feet 
with a tear in their eye and a standing ovation.”
Stephanie, Invisible Ribbon Gala Organizer

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