Canadian military families who make stuff

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If you’re like me, around early September you have fleeting thoughts as you buy a Christmas gift that you are so ahead of schedule. So ahead. Like, it’s amazing how forward thinking you are. You should probably take a break.

And then, mid December, you are scrambling wondering how you managed to take that early start and turn it into a last minute rush.

This year, I have NO idea what to get Dh, and the jury is still out on the kids.
And we only do stockings at our house, so you’d think it would be easier!

So in my hunt for unique gift ideas (because I hate spending money on crap that I am only buying because I have to get *something* and I know they won’t use or care about it) I started compiling a list of other Canadian military members and/or family members who were talented enough to sell things that they create themselves. Turns out there’s a ton of them, and they have great ideas!

So, slackers like me, rejoice. Maybe you’ll find an idea in here.

Or, maybe you’ll leave this screen open in the hopes your spouse does.

Or maybe, you’ll just order it for yourself.

Your call, I don’t judge.  As far as I’m concerned, the best part about holidays when your member is deployed is that you get *exactly* what you want for Christmas.
You just have to wrap it and put it under the tree yourself.


You will find that MLM businesses like Sentsy, DoTerra, Tupperware, etc are not listed. Not because they don’t have value, but simply because of the sheer volume of people selling for the same companies. I have limited this list to businesses/creations unique to the individual selling.

I did not recieve any type of compensation from any of these businesses to list them here. Everything I wrote was taken from their webpages or in some cases, my personal experience. I just asked for people to let me know what they do that’s awesome and made the list, adding in a few I found on my own. If you think your craft/book/art/business/service should be added, let me know!

Listings with an * are ones where I know or have spoken with the seller and/or have purchased from them before. Obviously I don’t run any of these pages so shop at your own risk.



Nancy Adams*

Nancy Adams is a military spouse who writes sci-fi romance novels published by Totally Bound. And who doesn’t like a good story that may or may not include time travel, super soldiers and/or wolves? Most stories have a Canadian connection which is a bonus, too! You can find Nancy on facebook, twitter and her website and her book on Amazon as well as via her publisher.



Danielle Daniel

Danielle is an author and an artist. You can find her prints on her webpage and her children’s book at Chapters/Indigo.  Her memoir, Dependent, the true story of her life and that of her paratrooper husband who suffered a crippling accident while working in Trenton, Ontario, can be purchased via her publisher or on Amazon or Chapters/Indigo.



Brenda Corey Dunn*

Brenda is a military spouse and the author of several books, including some young adult fiction. Her newest book, Dependant, re-releases on December 9th.
Dependant is a dark military drama that includes themes of sexual assault, rank, relocation and deployment. It’s definitely worth the read. You can pick up Dependant, as well as her other books, on Amazon as both a paperback or for the Kindle (as well as on Kindle Unlimited. Wohoo!) and at Chapters/Indigo.
Connect with Brenda on facebook, twitter, or her website.


 Trish Loye

Trish is herself a former military member and RMC graduate. She is the author of the E.D.G.E. series, military romance/suspence stories that feature a team made of former special forces soldiers from both Canada and the USA.  You can connect with Trish on facebook and find her series on Amazon, Kobo, iBook and Nook.



  Mandie Mills/ A.T. Brennan*

Mandie Mills is a Canadian miliary spouse who writes both erotica (under Mandie Mills) and more contemporary military romance (under A.T. Brennan). You can connect with Mandie via facebook and her website, and you can find her latest books on Amazon with many of her books available via Kindle Unlimited (yay!).
A portion of the sales of her newest book, Wrong Place Right Time, which releases December 14th, will be donated to Veterans charities.



Zoe York*

Zoe is a military spouse and romance/erotica author with a ton of books out there for you to check out! Most of her books have a military theme/characters and she writes both American and Canadian stories. Her newest book, Love on the Run, is part of the Pine Harbour series where all the heroes are Canadian with a military background and most stories are set in small town Ontario. Other books in her collections include steamy a Navy SEAL series. You can find Zoe on facebook, twitter and her website and all her books on Amazon and Chapters/Indigo.


Kim Mills

Okay, okay, so I struggled with adding myself here. But I have a book too, and hopefully at least one or two more in the next year, so those make good gifts maybe, if you know someone who wishes there was a contemporary military romance novel about Canadian military… You can grab the ebook on Amazon and Kobo, or the paperback at Amazon US (ships to Canada) as well as locally to the Edmonton area at Higher Grounds Espresso Bar.



 Ornamental Globes Custom Made

Melannie Clark is a Canadian Military Spouse with a unique business of making beautiful, hand made custom Christmas ornaments! You can special order anything from movie themed (like Frozen), military support ribbons, or just specific colours and designs. You can find her globes at various stores and can connect with her via facebook to place an order for delivery.


 T’s Bears

Tanya Darte makes handmade, one of a kind teddy bears that make perfect unique gifts!  You can check out her facebook page to see her creations and place orders, or find her at local craft shows in Ontario!



 Hint of Lime Designs*

Sasha is a navy spouse and creates HOLD Everything Bags & Accessories handcrafted for people who love Colourful Whimsy and aren’t afraid to show it! You can find her pop up in the Petawawa/Ottawa area, or connect with her on her website, etsy shop, or on facebook or twitter to place an online order.


Crafty Calyie

Calyie is a military spouse who makes gorgeous sewn creations like blankets, bags and more! She can even custom make a weighted blanket, which I know are amazing not only for sensory kids but really, everyone, when it comes to relaxing! You can see her items at her etsy store or you can find her on facebook to message her about a custom order. She ships worldwide!


Rock, Paper, Parties

Unique and handmade party decor can be found at military spouse Karina Jones’ etsy page! You can also connect with her on facebook!


South Farm Artisans

South Farm Crafts is the home based business of military spouse Kristin with a variety of crafts available, including washable colouring mats, cosmetic bags, stuffed animals and more! She offers free shipping and can be found on facebook and twitter. You can shop at her Etsy page and website, too!


 Her Autumn Leaves*

Alyson is a military spouse in the Edmonton area who deisgns and creates knitwear! Everything on her facebook and etsy pages are hand knit or crochet by her, and look absolutely amazing when it’s -40. Especially the sock monkey blanket. But you can’t have that, because it’s mine now.


Expressions By Julie

Greetings cards, gift card holder, wedding invitations, birthday party kits (invitations and treat bags) all occasions invitations. Everything is available in english and in french. Speciality orders available. Find Julie on facebook.



Healthy Oil Tree

Homemade home and body products all made with natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils created by military spouse Jocelyn. You can find her on facebook.


 Sahtera’s Wreaths

Sahtera has custom made wreaths for all occasions! You can find her on her facebook and etsy pages.


 Civvy Chic

Shari at Civvi Chic Designs is a military spouse in the Ottawa area offering a selection of custom made signs, mugs, ornaments and other beautiful items to order. You can find her on facebook and a portion of her proceeds each month are donated to military or veteran related charities (this month it’s Wreaths Accross Canada)

Our Hideaway Homestead

The family of a 2 Royal Canadian Regiment veteran, they are quietly homesteading in Nova Scotia and selling unique handmade pieces that they ship across country. You can see their facebook shop.

 Heffernan Handmade

Military family in Trenton, Ontario, you can shop her gorgeous handmade baby and children items like ponchos, booties, sweaters, toques and more on her facebook page for nation-wide shipping. 


Nature inspired wool aart, felted birds and home decor. Felted tree ornaments, mostly birds, felted bookmarks, art, pillows etc, all inspired by the beautiful places this military family has lived all across Canada, so lots of northern lights, oceans, moons, sunsets, storms, tree and flowers. You can find them on facebook as well as at their Etsy Store where you can use code 15THANKS2017 to get 15% off any order $60 or more.

Bijou Use Your Gift

Beautiful handmade jewlery by military spouse and French Canadian artisan Sindie Jean, this bilingual facebook shop is local to the Bordon area but ships nationwide and carries a variety of earings, necklaces, watches and other jewlery pieces. Check it out on facebook.

Daydreams of Quilts

Bags, quilts, patterns, tree skirts, etc… so much quilty goodness here! You can find this military family and the amazing, hand made items and patterns on their online shop, facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or twitter. Ships nationwide.


Food Products:

 The Little Things Canning Company

Military spouse (and cilivial DND employee) Stacy has turned her love of canning into a business in the Pembroke area! You can find dilled carrots, pickles, beans and asparagus, as well as jams and chili sauces! Contact Stacy via her facebook page.



 Cranberry Creek Baking Company

Brice Skylar is another Navy spouse who makes things, except it’s in the kitchen. You can find Cranberry Creek fresh cranberry pudding in both regular and gluten free at trade shows all over the country, as well as online purchases via their website.




Island Coast Design

Sonja is a currently serving CAF member as well as an artist who’s unique creations can be found at Island Coast Design in Victoria. Their shop includes handcrafted leather items, prints and even clothing featuring her art. You can shop Island Coast Design online at their website as well as connect with Sonja on facebook and twitter.



Marla Lesage is a Canadian military spouse and artist with military themed prints, cards and even “tank tops” available at her etsy shop.
Heehee. Tank top.
This makes me much happier than it probably should.


  Army to Artist

A former military medic, Army to Artist is creations by Mary: personalized custom artwork specializing in the depictions military iconography. All prints are custom made and orders can be placed via Mary’s facebook page.


 Wild Wolf Photography

Bonnie offers prints of all her amazing, unique photos available on her website. You can also connect with her via facebook, instagram and twitter.

Karen’s Works of He-ART

Unique dot paintings using acrylic paint, made as you see or as you order! I didn’t even know this was a thing, but it’s soo cool to look at! You can see Karen’s work on facebook and etsy!






Allana Robinson CPST

Allana offers car-seat installation and safety instruction for parents in the Petawawa area and offers gift certificats as the perfect gift for the new mom or dad in your life.



Brittany Gillman Photography*

On top of her photography services in the Wainwright area, Brittany provides online mentoring for aspiring photographers with an online e-course! Its geared towards Moms or working women who dont have a lot of time but still want to learn how to use their camera in Manual Mode to create beautiful imagery. Digital gift certificates available, husbands. You can find more info and registration on her website and can also connect with her on facebook.


Allison Smith Photography

Capturing Family Moments with on location, natural portraits. Enhancing your Corporate image for the boardroom, showroom, online, and marketing material. In the Edmonton area. Gift certificates available. Find Allison on facebook as well as her website.



 Niky Maxwell Photography

I am a photographer with a passion for taking natural light, posed, lifestyle, and street photography. I work with individual, family, kids and events in the St. Hubert, Quebec area.
Find Niky on facebook.



 HP Counselling and Consultation

Heidi is a Canadian military spouse living in Ottawa, Ontario. She has a Masters degree in counselling psychology and is a Registered Social Worker in the province of Ontario. Heidi has also received specialized training in cyber counselling from the University of Toronto and World Wide Therapy Online.
Counselling might not be the flashiest gift, but it can be the most practical for yourself or your loved one. Heidi offers many counselling services via real-time chat, telephone and skype. Reach her via her website or facebook page.


ARTistix Photography*

Amanda is a mlitary spouse new to the Edmonton area who offers photography services for weddings, family photos, baby pictures and more.  For parents who already have everything, family photos make great gifts! Contact her via her website or facebook.


Kimberley at Pure Magic Vacations

Well, I like to think a vacation is a pretty phenomenal gift! Kimberley Anne is TICO certified and her agency is specially Earmarked by Disney and is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. She is able to do all travel though as well, all-inclusives, cruises, etc with any supplier, and as a military spouse herself can certainly work within the constraints of our schedules and budgets and know in advance any discounts available! You can find her on facebook as well as her website.


Simplified Nutrition

Well, it’s not the sexiest gift, but it might be exactly what the whole family needs. Or maybe a jump start after the holidays for yourself! Owned and operated by military spouse Kate Funk, Katie Funk who has been a Registered Dietitian since 2007 with experience in clinical and community nutrition and is a Certified Diabetes Educator. Not only local to Ottawa but also able to do virtual individual nutrition conselling anywhere in Canada. You can find her on facebook and twitter as well as her website.


Other Businesses:

Langford Original 76

Sarah is a serving member with the CAF and runs her own business, Langford Original, where they have created a custom logo and are proud to supply you with individually created trucker hats, shirts and other accessories! You can find her shop on facebook as well as order online from their website.



 Hometown Pride

Navy spouse Sara own Hometown Pride, where you can find shirts as well as beautiful framed prints and more showing off the pride you have in your home province (or state!) Free shipping to Canada and the US. Connect with Sara through their website or facebook.


 Payette Custom Creations*

Custom t-shirts, decals, wood signs, glassware, home decor and wedding items with most items customized. Payette Custom Creations is owned by a military spouse and has a physical storefront in Napanee, Ontario as well as can be found for online shopping on facebook and their website.


Pretty Tacky

Tacky is the new Pretty! Visit Pretty Tacky for Personalized Gifts, Wine Glasses, Mugs, Wall Decor & Art, Signs, Bumper Stickers, and all things Tacky. Custom orders. Pretty Tacky is owned by a military spouse and is currently local to the Edmonton area, but ships nationwide. You can find them on their facebook page. 





There you have it! That’s some talent right there!

Do you have a listing to add! Let me know!




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